About Us

About Us

NoPic Shanghai Volunteer Fire Department
 is located in Cleveland County,
 South West of Shelby NC

1435 Burke Rd, Shelby NC  28152


     40 volunteer members.
     5 Outside Board members from the local community .

    3 Engines to respond to structure fires
    3 Aux. Trucks to respond to medical, rescue and various other assistance calls
    2 Brush Trucks to respond to Woods, Grass and other small remote fires.

    Approximately 375 Fire & Medical calls per year.  The approximate percentage of these are:
            11%    Fires
            10%    False Alarms
            53%    Assistance
              6%    Vehicle Accidents
            20%    Medical

Where did the name 'Shanghai' Come From?

    Shanghai Volunteer Fire Department's name came from the name/area of the Shanghai School.  Below is an excerpt from the Shelby Daily Star which poses possible answers to
How did Shanghai School get its name?
    Sam Lattimore, an alumnus of Shanghai, disclosed that he knew who named the school and the source of the inspiration.  Sam said he was positive because his father, William A. Lattimore, handed on the information.  The Rev. S.N. Davis and Dock McSwain, father of Judge Payton McSwain, named the school, according to Sam Lattimore.  Shanghai was the name of one of the William A. Lattimore mules.  This mule was known to both Rev. Davis and McSwain, and had plowed many an acre of cotton in the Shanghai school area.  Also Rev. Davis always wanted to go to China as a missionary. Hence the name Shanghai.  From one of these sources the name for the school was cooked up, Sam Lattimore is sure.
    Approximately the same story came from some research on the subject done by H.C. Wilson.  Wilson learned from Mrs. J.J. Yarborough that the school was named by the late Dock McSwain after a horse (instead of a mule), he admired.  Mrs. Yarborough told Wilson, that the horse belonged to her grandfather, Rev. J.E. Davis.  We assume here that Rev. Davis is the same man as in the Lattimore story although the initials are different.  Anyway, Wilson reports, the horse must have been quite a favorite in the community for Dock McSwain was later nicknamed Shanghai himself.  Andrew Lattimore, went to New York as a young man and applied for a job with a marine insurance company.  In filling out the application for a job, he was asked where he attended school. Andrew filled in "Shanghai University."  He got the job without question.
from the Shelby Daily Star, Oct. 23, 1954

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